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Trent Jennison

Since Valley Industries first opened its doors in 1971, the organisation has grown and evolved to become the premier provider of services for people with disabilities on the Mid-North Coast.


Our organisation has evolved into three distinct parts – service provision, social enterprise and commercial enterprise. We offer unmatched expertise in the region and have a team of dedicated and professional staff who genuinely delight in delivering excellent customer service for our Participants.


Our 50 years of experience in the sector, and our growth in commercial operations, gives us the opportunity to provide an ever widening range of support services for Participants and their families looking to receive benefits under the NDIS.


Our services have expanded significantly since the introduction of the NDIS, particularly in the provision of Accommodation for people with Disabilities. We now have 29 group homes which are safe, secure accommodation for people often leaving the family home for the first time. It is enriching and uplifting to see individuals thrive as they transition to independent living – with the support and love of their families and carers.


We enjoy a strong relationship with our Participants, their families, and their carers. Our monthly newsletter shares essential information about the NDIS, services, workshops, and upcoming activities and celebrates the successes of our people.


We offer continuous training to ensure we are developing ourselves and improving our skills, staff recognition is an integral part of our culture.


Valley Industries will continue to be an active and committed part of our community and offer the highest standard of disability services for that community

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