Quality Policy

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Our Policy and Commitment goals are achieved with the support of every member of the company; Quality is everyone’s business at Valley Industries Ltd.

Commitment (These commitments are seen as the foundation for achieving our vision)

To satisfy all our customer requirements through, design, manufacture and service;


• To achieve the best Quality product available, coupled with the attainment of excellent delivery times and price, thus meeting the needs of our valued customers in all aspects;


• To ensure the effectiveness and sustained commitment by management of our Enterprise Risk Management framework, including strategy, policy and continuous identification and treatment of risk;

• To maintain and improve stable, long term relationships with both customers and suppliers;


• To ensure that we remain a profitable organisation thus growing locally and throughout the region; and


• We believe it is management’s responsibility to ensure overall growth and improvement and to achieve targets set by monitoring and maintaining our customer’s needs and expectations


• To achieve excellent participant outcomes

Our Vision

VI will strive to ensure its Participants enjoy the same rights and understand the need to meet the same obligations as other members of society. This vision is underpinned by our


commitment to our values and will be achieved by:

• providing access to our services to all eligible people; regardless of race, ethnicity, religious beliefs, sexual preferences, disability or gender.


• ensuring services provided are of high quality and person-centred.


• promoting access to developmental and individualised, educational, training and employment opportunities within the broader community.


• fostering relationships and partnerships between Participants and the broader community.


• ensuring the VI environment encourages cooperation, commitment, teamwork and personal growth for everyone.


• encouraging participation in the planning and implementation of people’s Individual Plan.

ensuring high quality services

Valley Industries vision is to provide the highest standard of workmanship, best lead times and second to none service.


Our Customer Satisfaction is achieved by:


Regular production meetings held to monitor lead times to ensure our customer expectations are met;


• Our Business Unit Managers use Quality Action Reports which highlight any issues that arise from customer feedback; and


• Setting short term and long term targets


To maintain and improve financial viability each year to achieve our vision and participant focus.


This is achieved by:


• Setting goals and objectives through budget forecasts, profit and loss monitoring and ongoing checking of costs of production;


• Upgrading of resources including machinery and facilities;


• Training;


• Communication with all workers, employees and service users on a regular basis; and


• Monitoring and continued maintenance

Endorsed by
CEO Valley Industries Pty Ltd

08 November 2017

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