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Specialist Disability Accommodations And Independent Housing Solutions

Supported Independent Living providers deliver Specialist Disability Accommodation, or SDA, a range of housing solutions that are specially designed and purpose-built. This service enables NDIS participants with high complex needs or extreme functional impairment the supports they need to live their life with dignity and safety. SDA is designed to be more accessible based on your disability-related support.

NDIS funding for SDA covers the ‘bricks and mortar’ so you can live more independently and know that your support can be delivered safely. Once approved, these funds ensure that you can get a suitable living situation and the support services you need to live a happy life. At Valley Industries, we have knowledgeable staff that can help you understand and support you through finding housing for people with disabilities.

Funding Needs

Funding is made available to applicants to cover the bricks and mortar costs of their home and to support investment in high-quality living conditions rather than any sort of person-to-person support. You can approach several living arrangements with funding approved, from group homes and facilities to a standalone, private dwelling. These funds ensure that you can get a suitable living situation and the support services you need to live a happy life.

Terms Of Process

Part of the NDIS, the Specialist Disability Accommodation, is a type of support that a participant can be funded to receive. The term ‘SDA’ refers to housing and the person’s payment in their NDIS plan. This type of housing consists of purpose-built homes, units, and townhouses designated for a portion of participants in the system who have an extreme functional impairment or have very high support needs. Participants receive government funding to pay for accommodations as part of their plan to maintain their living situation regardless of their condition.

Unique disability accommodation and independent housing solutions provide a much-needed service to people with disabilities across the country. With our help, you can understand the funding, apply for it, and receive the right amount from taking care of your needs. In addition, NDIS and supported living systems empower those who may otherwise struggle with everyday life. Contact us today to find out more about these services.