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Valley Secure Document Services

Good for business, Good for the planet

Secure Document Services offer confidential and secure Shredding, Scanning and Document Services to businesses across the MidNorth Coast.

Over 20 Participants are employed in our document warehouse, learning new skills, making friends, and enjoying great workplace camaraderie.

Security Scanning – Our team arrange the secure pickup and transport of paper documents to our warehouse, where we use state-of-the-art high-speed scanners to capture every piece of information. We store each file on a high quality DVD/CD, USB stick or external hard drive.

We then either return documents to clients or securely destroy them.

Security Shredding – Our shredding service offers a no-mess, no-fuss, environmentally friendly way to dispose of out-dated records and paperwork with complete confidence.

We offer:

  • Lockable security bins
  • Pick-up & delivery of security bins
  • Secure, reliable and confidential destruction
  • A “Destruction Certificate”

Once destroyed, paper waste is baled and sent on to a recycling company in Sydney, to be recycled into a variety of paper products.

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