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Valley Bees

Valley Bees

Valley Bees

Bee good for the environment

Supplying Commercial & Hobbyists since 2009.

Just under 30 Participants currently work in our Beekeeping unit across a wide range of activities – from assembling the hives to harvesting the honey. We provide a great training environment for people to learn and continuously improve their skills.

Valley Bee-Keeping specialises in designing, building and supplying a Valley Pure Honey We keep over 80 honey production hives in the Manning Valley and produce an extremely popular product marketed under the Valley Pure Honey label. comprehensive range of beekeeping products. There has been significant growth in the number of hobbyist beekeepers over recent years, as the plight of bees across the globe, and the impact that this is having on our environment, is understood.

“I like working in Bees. I used to only do 2 days but now I’m doing 4 days …. Because I’m the best painter! And this lot…… (looks around at his workmates) are alright. We have a good time at work!” – Brooke

Distributed all over Australia, Valley Bee products are widely recognised for their quality and the technical assistance we offer to experienced and new apiarists is highly valued.

In addition to the products manufactured at our site in Taree, we stock all the tools, accessories and reference materials needed to get the new beekeeper started and to keep the commercial beekeeper in production.

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