By Scott

Imagine The Concert

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In celebration of International Day of People with Disability, Valley Industries in partnership with Dundaloo and the Rotary Club of Taree on Manning are very proud to bring you this concert, IMAGINE! We would like to acknowledge the Biripi people whose land we are gathering upon today. We acknowledge elders past, present and emerging, we are thankful to share this beautiful Manning Valley we live in. Today’s inaugural, all-abilities, inclusive, outdoor concert is the first of its kind in our LGA, but will now be included as an annual event as part of the River Stage Concert Series which is wonderful news. All the artists, dancers, singers and presenters have been preparing for months for this and are so excited to share with us what they are bringing to the stage. We encourage everyone to take part in our Big Sing as we move throughout the concert, we would like to be able to say that we’ve had the biggest choir ever seen in Taree, so let’s see what we all can do together. Today is our special day where we all, as a community get to celebrate our diversity. It’s time to share and reconnect, it’s time to grow our community, it’s time to IMAGINE and DREAM.  It’s time to SING, This is our day!